Bugmenot – Do not register in all websites

Logo Bugmenot.comMany websites try to catch you, encouraging you to register with them, asking for personal details like email, name, address, amongst others. For this problem, there is a good website, called Bugmenot, who keep a record of login details for a lot of websites which ask for registration. For instance, there are discussion boards that only give full access to their members, with bugmenot you will be allowed to access without restrictions to that kind of pages. The same applies for newspapers or other websites whose need registration in order to be used.

Summarizing, with bugmenot you can save time and keep secure your personal information.

Cheap Supercomputer

A supercomputer was built in a Japanese university it costed only USD $420.000, a very cheap price for this type of systems. It is based mainly in GPU which has more cores than traditional CPU and that allow users to run parallel applications.

This can also be done in a lower scale, so you can build your own parallel pc installing a high end graphic card and then learning how to program it. The framework of development depends on the type of graphic card, for Nvidia you can use cuda and for AMD(ATI) you can useá OpenCL(which can also be used in a Nvidia Card). If you keep looking at this topic, you’ll find that this isn’t easy but it worthwhile.

Now I give you a couple of videos, the first is about the Japanese supercomputer and the second shows a simulation using CPU, Cuda and OpenCL.

Fix the user permissions in the WordPress Database

Did you change the tables prefix in wordpress and you can not login to your dashboard anymore?

Well it happened to me too and I got this message:

You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.

The solution to this problem is easy. You should go to phpmyadmin (or another database manager for your mysql database) and then edit the following entries: Continue reading

(Español) Vivir en Vancouver, Canada (Parte 2: Tramites)

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Living in Vancouver, Canada (Part 1: Arriving)

I have been in Vancouver for 4 months with the “Working holiday program” which allows you to work besides studying English (or French) or travelling by the country. The idea of this post series is give information for those who arrives to the city, making easier the beginning of his life in Vancouver.

  1. Flights to Vancouver
    The International Airport(YVR) is the main city airport, from which departures and arrives flights from Asia, Europe and North America. If you are in other place, it is likely you would make a stop in another city.
    The website Skyscanner helps you to plan your low cost itinerary to get into Vancouver, and, as an advice, yo can go first to an intermediate airport like Los Angeles(LAX) or Toronto(YYZ) before getting to Vancouver.
  2. Temporary Accomodation
    Vancouver is a touristic destination, so it has a lot of hotels and hostels. It is a good option to stay in temporal place at the beginning of your trip in order to select the best alternatives for a long term accomodation. Depending of your budget you can find the hotel that best suits you, for that you can use the websites Booking.com or Hostelworld to make reservations and compare prices.

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Stanford University online courses

In October 2011 Stanford University launched a new kind of online courses, opened for all internet users. These courses have interactive content, allowing the student been evaluated while he wiews the video lessons.

For early 2012 they will offer new courses, like:

The 100 best non fiction books

The english newspaper, The Guardian, made a list with a selection of the 100 best non fiction books in the history wich have topics like Art, History, Literature, Journalism, Philosophy and Science, etc.

It is noticeable in the list, the prescence of older books like History from Herodotus and The Art of War from Sun Tzu.

With no doubt, this is a list to review and to start to read. By my way I have olny read a couple of them, now I give you the link:

The 100 greatest non-fiction books


The page is online and working, at least its spanish links, so any feedback is welcome. As I mention in my “about” page this site is my personal page ans simultaneously a way to share information about education and technology.